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Istikbal Furniture, which has many years of experience and a 60-year success story as one of Turkey's furniture industry's leading companies, has continued to create added value to the sector since 1957 with its product diversity, design differences, quality, and after-sales services.

Istikbal Furniture, which reflects the sector's needs and expectations of its products and services best with its consumer-oriented approach, continuously improves all production and service processes by foreseeing new trends in home decoration. Istikbal also aims to continually raise the furniture industry standards by combining its innovative line and modern production and marketing understanding with its experience in the sector.

Combining its products' comfortable and qualified design with elegance and comfort for those who want to make a difference in their homes, Istikbal reflects its unique models in a wide range of products. Istikbal brings thousands of products with different tastes and spaces while offering special collections ranging from sitting groups to bedrooms, dining rooms to panel furniture, children and young rooms to home textiles, lighting to carpets, and garden furniture to accessories.

Making a difference with its applications that make the lives of consumers easier, Istikbal continues to accelerate the sector with its new "Home Concept" stores of thousands of square meters that offer all kinds of home decoration needs under the same roof and meet with the consumers within the framework home concept. Determining the direction of home decoration, Istikbal also provides convenience to consumers by creating privileges with its attractive campaigns and offering discounts and movements in different product groups.

The brand is rapidly progressing towards being a world brand while covering Turkey with its almost 1,000 stores. Istikbal, which currently offers products for more than 70 countries under the Istikbal brand, carries Turkish quality abroad with 110 stores and 5000 sales points in many countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Kazakhstan, Romania, the United Kingdom, and France. Istikbal, which sells products to many stores in the USA through its logistics centre in New Jersey, raises the bar in product design and quality by continually following the innovations and technological developments in the sector.

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