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Every home has its unique dimensions and character, and at Istikbal UK, we understand the significance of finding the perfect fit. Our 'Shop by Size' collection has been thoughtfully curated to simplify your selection process. Whether you have a spacious living room that can accommodate a grand 4-seater sofa or a cosy corner awaiting the intimacy of an armchair, we have something tailored for every space.

- 4 Seater Sofa: Ideal for larger rooms or families that love to lounge together. Our 4-seater sofas offer generous space and are a statement piece in any living area.

- 3 Seater Sofa: Offering a harmonious blend of comfort and size, our 3-seater sofas are perfect for medium-sized living rooms, ensuring everyone has a spot to relax.

- 2 Seater Sofa: Compact yet undeniably comfortable, our 2-seater sofas are designed for smaller spaces or to complement more extensive seating arrangements.

- Armchair: A timeless classic, our armchairs are perfect for those private nooks or as an elegant addition to any room.

Dive into our 'Shop by Size' collection and discover furnishings that resonate with your space and style. At Istikbal UK, we believe in providing not just furniture but the perfect fit for your home.

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